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Sheep & Goat Tags

At Symtag we sell a range of tried and tested ear tags, including single and dual loop types, EID and flag types. 

Please contact us for the latest prices on all our tag range.  Call our friendly team on 01934 750410 or email


For a number of years have been supplying Ketchums with their Track-Back and E-Track sheep tags.  Due to the change of ownership of Ketchum (in Feb 17) you can no longer get these reliable tags from Ketchum.  To order the exact same tags from us just give us a call now and we will be delighted to supply you direct (they are called Dual Tag & Loop Tag).  We have been supplying a trusted and reliable range of livestock ID products since 1988 to farmers across the UK.  


Loop Tag

The one-piece loop tags come in a variety of colours and are suitable for ewes, lambs and goats. The numbers are printed using laser technology and therefore will not fade and cannot be removed.  Until very recently these tags were also available from Ketchums, known as the Track-Back tag.

Tags can be printed in pairs, and is therefore, a low cost and simple solution for double tagging.  Please enquire at time of ordering for different print options available.

The tag is inserted into the top of the ear. For lambs allow room between the ear and the tag for growth.


EID Loop Tag

Not just for animals going to slaughter.  This robust EID tag offers great retention as well as excellent readability, even over time.  Sheep and goat farmers use these EID tags on breeding stock, enabling them to gather valuable management information when using a reader and management software.




Dual Tag

This popular tag option has a link to connect the EID tag and visual tag together as one for ease of handling, saving time and helping to avoid errors occurring when trying to pair up loose tags.  The joining link is strong enough to hold the tags together during handling, but separates quickly with the connector being easily and cleanly removed. Until very recently these tags were also available from Ketchums, known as the E-Track tag.  They remain a very popular and reliable tag with farmers.  Used for sheep and goats and available in SEVEN colours - Orange, Blue, Green, Pink, Purple, White and Lime (EID tag is always yellow). 




Flag Tag


A small flexible plastic long term 'flag' tag.  Fully rotating with excellent retention. Fitted with the Multiplier.  Available in five colours.




Need Pliers? We supply them too.


Tag Type



Loop Tag


Blue, Green, Light Green, White, Orange,

 Pink, Purple and Black.


Flag Tag


Yellow, Blue, Green, White, Orange

EID Loop tag